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Sun Organics Fertilisers

sun organics

The Natural Route for
Success from the Humber

A comprehensive range of specially formulated organic based fertiliser products designed to meet the requirements of farmers and growers.

Sun Organics fertilisers comprise a blend of organic and inorganic ingredients carefully chosen to provide a balance of the essential plant nutrients (i.e. N, P & K) as well as a wide range of minor or trace elements so important for plant and animal health.

Through the combination of inorganic and organic nutrients:

  • the rate of release is over a longer period ensuring steadier feeding of the plant and a greater take up and more efficient use of the available plant nutrients.
  • leaching is reduced and the health of both the soil and plant is improved.
  • seed germination is increased significantly.

University trials have shown the effectiveness of organic fertilisers from germination through to harvest.

Sun Organics fertilisers are the result of over 100 years experience of organic based fertiliser manufacture and use around the World; and are currently used on:

  • apples
  • cereals
  • cocoa
  • coffee
  • grapes
  • flowers
  • grass
  • oranges
  • pears
  • strawberries
  • tea
  • water melons
as well as a wide range of vegetable crops.

The products are generally supplied in 50 x 20kg polythene bags stacked on a 1 tonne pallet and shipped in 20 tonne containers, CIF port of entry on a confirmed irrevocable letter of credit.  Minimum size of order is 40 tonnes of any individual product.

sun organics

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